Maus Media Group Sets The Standard For Production With The Red One Camera

Posted on September 8, 2010


ORLANDO, Florida (September 8, 2010)-Maus Media Group invests in the Red One Camera, taking their (in-house) video production quality to the highest level available today.

The Red One Camera will now allow the Maus Media Group to produce videos in cinematic quality (4k).  This means the camera films at a much larger format and size, producing the highest resolution possible.  The completed video “shot on Red” permits the Client to view the video on a web site or a movie screen, without ever compromising the quality or clarity of the picture.  Some of Hollywood’s greatest producers are seeing the benefit in this innovative camera.  The Book of Eli, The Lovely Bones, Robin Hood and District 9 are all examples of films that utilized the Red One Camera.

Maus Media Group is very pleased to advance their production services with the Red One Camera, allowing the company to continue providing the greatest quality in work for their Clients.  The media company provides a large variety of production services, from small commercial spots to corporate training videos.  For more information on the Maus Media Groups services, please visit

Maus Media Group:  Commercial Spot filmed with Red One camera:

Contact:  Leila Moghim, Account Manager                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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