Wardrobe Tips For On Camera

Posted on September 27, 2010


If you are preparing for your first on-screen or commercial video production shoot and you are not quite established enough to have a wardrobe stylist as part of your entourage, then you may find this article blog helpful.

Video cameras have come a long way but they still cannot translate images as well as the human eye.  At Maus Media Group, we shoot most of our clients’ commercial spots with our Red One Camera and even with this new Ultra High Definition technology,  we have to make sure all wardrobe worn by the talent will produce the best outcome on-screen.  So with that said here is a list you can refer to before you head out to the studio:


1.  Stick with classic styles- more appealing to the public

On Camera Wardrobe2.  Wear pastels- looks great on camera and allows you to add a little color without going overboard

Pastel Wardrobe On Camera 3.  Wear medium earth tones- translates very well on-screen

Earth Tone On Camera Wardrobe4.  Keep in mind, Cotton and Wool clothing will look more natural on-screen.

5.  Bring a few “substitute” outfits or shirts just in case you sweat, spill something, or want to try out a different look.

6.  Make sure to ask the studio if they have a steamer that way you can take care of any last minutes wrinkles.  Wrinkles are very noticeable on camera.  We have a steamer always available at our studio.

7.  Bring water.  The lights get pretty hot after a while and you might sweat, which may result in sweat stains


1.  Fabrics like Linen (wrinkles easily) and Silk (too shiny and shows sweat stains)

2.  Busy patterns– plaids, checks, or small stripes

3.  Dark or Ultra Bright colored clothes could wash out your complexion on film

4.  Shiny or Loud Jewelry- Distracting and may interfere with sound

5.  Hats- Depending on the lighting it could cast a shadow on your face

6.  Glasses could be okay depending on the lighting but often times will produce a reflection.  So, if you can go without your glasses that would be the best option.

I hope this helps when you are preparing for your first commercial or video production.  Just remember to keep your audience in mind when you are choosing your on camera wardrobe and avoid the choices listed above that may distract your audience or compromise the quality of your video production.

If you have any production or studio needs, please contact us at http://www.mausmediagroup.com.

Leila Moghim, Account Manager


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