Posted on November 2, 2010


Your Domain Name (URL or Web Address) is one of the strongest assets of your online business.  When choosing a Domain Name there are a few things you must consider.  Here are a few questions I would ask myself before making the final decision:

Is the name of your company available?

Is it easy to remember?

Could the name be spelled any other way?

Do you have an existing domain that is difficult for your audience to remember but you do not want to risk losing the current customer base if you change it?

If you do a little research before this vital decision, you will help maximize the efficiency of your Domain Name.  Even if you already have an online company and you feel as if the web address is not as effective as it could be, you can still make the changes necessary to benefit your company on the web without having to lose your current customers.  Let’s look a little deeper into the questions you should ask yourself before making this decision:

Is The Name Of Your Company Available?

First off, you should check to see if your company name is available.  For example, let’s say your company name is Advants Leadership Specialists, LLC and you focus on advising and consulting corporations.  So, the first thing you would do is check to see if the Domain Name “AdvantsLeadershipSpecialists.com” is available.  The reason I dropped the “LLC” is because most people do not consider this to be a part of the actual business name.

You can easily check by entering this exact address in the URL box or you can you conveniently go to godaddy.com.  That way if it is available you can purchase it directly from them.

If the name is not available, you can go to whois.net and find out the owners name and contact them to see if they would possibly sell it to you.  Keep in mind that this will be a higher investment because now there is a demand for the domain.

Established Company:

If you are a well established company then this investment is a no-brainer.  Your brand is already reputable and you will risk losing your loyalty base and future sales if you do not own this domain.  Plus, re-branding your business as a whole would not only be a bigger investment but a very risky one, at that.

New/Small Company:

If you are a smaller company, there are other options for you.  Since you do not currently have a large customer base, this is your chance to brand or re-brand your company online.  An Ad campaign through Media and Internet Marketing will assist in spreading the word that your company is connected to “this” Domain Name.

A few options I would consider for this company might be:  ALS.com, AdvantsLeadership.com, AdvantsLeaders.com, etc.

Is It Easy To Remember? Could It Be Spelled Another Way?

Think about the company name, Advants Leadership Specialists, LLC.  Is this name easy to remember?  Maybe it is for your current customers, but definitely not for your future clients.  The first issue is the word “Advants.”  If you heard this word how would you spell it?  I’m pretty sure you would spell it like “Advance.”

Another potential issue I see with the company name is the word “Specialists.”  If you have a Radio Ad Campaign this part of your web address will be difficult to emphasize.  Is it “Specialist?” or “Specialists?”  You should cover any and all possible confusions for your customers, that way you are achieving the full potential of not only your Domain Name, but your advertising dollars, as well.

Established Company:

Not only should you invest in getting “AdvantsLeadershipSpecialists.com” but you should also purchase “AdvanceLeadershipSpecialists.com” and “AdvanceLeadershipSpecialist.com” while you’re at it.  This way you can forward this URL to the main page, minimizing any loss in potential sales.

New/Small Company:

I would advise any and all companies to purchase all domains that might be similar to your chosen Domain Name. This way you can forward this URL to the main page, minimizing any loss in potential sales.

Do You Have an Existing Domain That Is Difficult for Your Audience to Remember but You Do Not Want to Risk Losing the Current Customer Base if You Change it?

Ok, so you are already running your company online but you are noticing that you are maybe missing leads or potential clients.  Is it possible that you are having some of the issues we discussed earlier?  No problem.  What you can do is come up with a similar(s) address or even one that your customers are mistaking for yours and purchase that one, as well.  You will still have your current web address but you can purchase other domains and forward them to the existing domain.

You may want to consider entering your current web address into the godaddy.com domain search.  This will give you other options and names that are available, similar to your existing URL.  Do some research, ask your customers for their input, ask yourself the questions above and from that you will achieve the most optimal results for your online company.

Overall, your Domain Name is an essential element to your company’s success online.  It has the ability to capture all of your prospective leads.  I hope this blog has helped and good luck out there on the web!

Leila Moghim