How To Choose The Right Advertising Agency

Posted on November 9, 2010


There are so many choices out there when it comes to Advertising Agencies, which makes it more challenging to find the right fit for your company.  It’s a partnership so there are certain things you should consider before you make this commitment, just as you would with any personal relationship.  Hopefully, this article blog will help you determine the right agency for your company.

Here are questions to keep in mind before making your decision:

Will there be one marketing rep in charge of  my company’s campaign?

Having a rep that is completely dedicated to your company is a plus.  This eliminates any confusion with communication between you and the agency.  This person will act as the Project Manager of your marketing campaign.  You should be able to easily contact them (cell, email, etc.).

Does the agency have time to commit to my company’s Marketing goals?

If an agency is willing to take on any and all clients then they are most likely not going to have the proper time to commit to your company’s needs.  Sometimes you will see this happen with larger Marketing Firms.  Just do your research and make sure they are committed to you and your business.  Smaller firms tend to be more hands on and proactive towards your company’s ad campaign.

Do they offer in-house services?

A lot of times agencies outsource their work.  For instance, if you needed a website redesign then they would usually get a quote from freelance web designers.  This usually makes the cost go up for the client.  Also, the agency will not have any control over the outcome of the website.  Imagine if the web designer decided not to finish the work.  The client would be out of money and out of a website.  However, if they have everything in-house (production, web design, media buying, internet marketing, etc) then they will be able to provide you with the best price possible.  Maus Media Group provides these services to help ensure their clients receive the best work at the best price.

Is the firm understanding your company and your target market?

Are they able to determine who your audience is?  This is one of the most important factors in your campaign.  Of course, we would love to sell to anyone, but each company should know their target market and if not, the Ad Agency should be able to determine that for you through market research.

Not only are these a few questions to consider, but you should also feel comfortable with the agency or the person that will be in charge of your advertising.  You should trust them and make sure you feel comfortable with them having control of your marketing.  Keep in mind, they are the experts, but you should be able to make suggestions.  They should also be able to explain everything they are doing and the reasoning behind it.  Every decision they make in advertising should have your company’s interest in mind.

On that note, you should also ask yourself these questions to make sure you are ready to branch out to find an agency:

Do you have a budget in place?

Please know your budget before requesting a marketing plan of action from an Ad agency.  They should be able to work with any budget, but if they do not know what the investment for the campaign is going to be, then the agency can not create an effective plan.  If you are looking for an Ad agency then take your set budget to all of your prospective agents and see which company gives you the best marketing plan.

Are you open to making changes?

Remember a great Ad agency will tell you exactly what needs to be done, feelings aside.  So, you must be okay with allowing someone to suggest changes to your creations and to processes that you may have never thought needed change.  This is their job and an Ad Agency’s main goal should be to grow your company.  If they are making suggestions that are not for the best of your company and do not produce traffic, then you are dealing with the wrong Agency.  On the other hand, if you are asking for assistance with Marketing then you must allow them to make suggestions.  You came to them for help, so let them help.

Do you have patience?

Brand imaging does not happen overnight.  Like I said earlier, this is a commitment and you should have at least 6 months to invest in Advertising before you start seeing major results.  Of course, there will be certain messages and avenues of advertising that will make a positive change in traffic in the meantime, but for the overall brand imaging, that will take at least 6 months to 1 year.  Making a change is a progress so you must keep that in mind.  

In conclusion, when you are ready to hire an Ad Agency for your campaign then you need to be ready for the assistance, stay positive and keep an open mind.  I’m sure you will make the right choice and if so, make sure you are prepared for the traffic!  Good luck!


Leila Moghim