What Is A Focus Group?

Posted on February 21, 2011


In advertising, a focus group is the best way to find out how your audience will react to a new idea, product or advertisement.  This marketing strategy is also a great way to save your company on advertising dollars.

Focus groups can range in size, being as large as a group of 1,000 people.  Normally, they are conducted in groups of 10-20 people.  It all depends on your specific target market.  A car dealership may need to conduct a larger focus group, knowing that their customers can be anywhere between the ages of 25-54, male or female.  However, if you’re a video game company you could administer a much smaller focus group, since your audience is more specific, ages 14-25, male.

Typically, you would use a focus group to receive feedback on the following:

  • A new product/idea
  • An added feature on the current product
  • Improvements made to an existing product
  • TV or Radio Commercial
  • Website
  • Re-design or Re-Branding of the Company’s Image

The point of the focus group is to make sure you make any adjustments necessary before going public and spending a large investment on advertising.  By having a sample of your target market, it will allow you to better understand how your audience will accept the product (idea, or changes) on a larger scale.

There are advertising agencies that specialize in providing these types of focus groups.  The cost of a focus group greatly depends on the size of the study and extensiveness of the results that are requesting.  In the end, the information gained will be used to make a positive impact on your specific market.

Leila Moghim

Posted in: Advertising