Should I Advertise During The Local News?

Posted on March 31, 2011


The best time to advertise on air is during the Local News.  There are many benefits to advertising during the Local News.  Some of the main reasons you should think about are listed below:




–  Local News is live, so you have a captivating audience.  What this means is that your audience is watching it in real-time and there is a very small chance of them recording the News and fast-forwarding through the commercials.

–  The programming is always fresh, which means people tune in to keep informed throughout the day.

–  Anchor Loyalty.  It becomes habit to watch the same station because the viewers are loyal to their favorite News Anchors.

Below is a list of the top news hours to advertise during:

1.  Late News (11pm)

2.  Early Fringe (5-7pm)

3.  Morning News (6-7am)

4.  Independent Station News (10pm)  (Not ABC, NBC, or CBS)

5.  Early AM News(5-6am)

6.  Noon News (12pm)


Advertising during the top few News hours will obviously have a higher rate than advertising during the other time slots, but your impressions (amount of people that will see your ad) will be much higher.



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