Essentials for a Successful Website

Posted on September 19, 2011


Today, the internet is the most powerful tool for your business.  Although, there are mixed emotions about losing out on real conversations through the phone or  in person, the truth is that communication is easier than it has ever been.  This means, as a business, you have the opportunity to grow your company without having to speak to each customer or client.  Just think about it, when could you have ever made a sale or gained a new client, while you are fast asleep?  The internet is a wonderful thing!

However, it’s not that easy.  Having a quality website is key and there are essential elements you must consider within the site.  Here is a list of important components you might want to factor into your website to ensure its’ full potential.

1.  EASY TO NAVIGATE:  If it’s not easy for a 5th grader to navigate through, then it’s too hard for most people.  I’m not saying that 5th graders are your target audience, I’m just saying that if it requires any effort at all, then you have lost 50% of your audience.  Once again, the internet is convenient and that’s why people use it.  They want to find the information on their own.  In turn, making any part of your website difficult to navigate through, will cause your visitor to lose interest and go elsewhere.

Navigate through some the most successful internet companies:

2.  SIMPLE DESIGN:  This goes hand in hand with EASY TO NAVIGATE.  When someone visits your website they should know the answers to these questions right away;  What does your company do? AND  Why should they use you?

You have to inform and motivate them on the Home Page.  By using a layout that is simple and easy on the eyes, this will help your customer understand these key points, without hesitation.

3.  WEB VIDEO:  Having a video on your Home Page will allow your visitor to learn about your company.  A 1-2 minute, company overview video can tell your customer a lot about a you and how you do business.  You could let them see how your company works behind the scenes, include a slideshow of your work or projects, give a brief overview of your company, or present customer testimonials.  The possibilities are endless!  This is a great way for your visitor to get to know you on a more personal level through your website.

4.  BLOG:  Writing a blog on your website will bring you the best kind of traffic, true organic traffic.  Write about what you know best, your customer and their interests.  People search the internet all day long looking for answers and general information.  For example, if you are a Boat Distributor or Manufacturer, consider blogging about watersports, fishing or even helpful tips on how to keep your boat clean.  When you are thinking of a Blog topic to write about, think about what your customer would type into a search engine.

The more blogs you write about your company’s industry as a whole, the more hits you will get to your website, making your website a resource for information, adding credibility to your business and moving your website up in search engine rankings.

5.  SOCIAL NETWORKING:  Stay connected to your customers.  Attaching a Twitter or Facebook account gives your visitors another way to hear from you.  You can post specials or deals for customers who “like” or “follow” you, giving them a reason to stay connected to your company.  This is also a great way to post your new blogs, special events, and updates for your company.

Whether you use one or all of the tips above, hopefully, it has either gotten you to rethink the design of your current website or assisted you in the creation of a new company website.