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Successful Actors Are Also Great Marketers

January 19, 2012


SUCCESSFUL ACTORS ARE ALSO GREAT MARKETERS. An actor is usually the type of person who is willing to dedicate months, even years to his or her craft. But, in order to have a successful career, an actor must also learn how to become an effective marketer. There is no secret formula to marketing yourself in […]

Getting Your Company Involved in the Community

January 11, 2012


Giving back to your local schools. There are plenty of different ways to give back to your customers and community, but giving back to the schools can be the most rewarding adventure of all. Every business, charity, and school definitely deserves any monetary donation it can get. However, there are plenty of ways that you […]

Essentials for a Successful Website

September 19, 2011


Today, the internet is the most powerful tool for your business.  Although, there are mixed emotions about losing out on real conversations through the phone or  in person, the truth is that communication is easier than it has ever been.  This means, as a business, you have the opportunity to grow your company without having to speak to each customer or […]

How to Create a Successful Print Ad

May 31, 2011


With any advertising you want it to be used to its full potential so that you get the most return for your investment.  Below are a few key points to keep in mind when you are designing your print advertisement: 1.  A Catchy Headline-  A catchy title will capture the attention of your readers.   […]

How To Interview Someone On Camera

May 5, 2011


There are many ways you can prepare for an on-camera interview.  As a producer, you will want to make sure the interviewee is prepared.  Here are a few tips for having a successful on camera interview: Prior to the filming of the interview: 1.  Prepare the interviewee by telling them what to to expect.  For […]

Should I Advertise During The Local News?

March 31, 2011


The best time to advertise on air is during the Local News.  There are many benefits to advertising during the Local News.  Some of the main reasons you should think about are listed below:       –  Local News is live, so you have a captivating audience.  What this means is that your audience […]

What Is A Focus Group?

February 21, 2011


In advertising, a focus group is the best way to find out how your audience will react to a new idea, product or advertisement.  This marketing strategy is also a great way to save your company on advertising dollars. Focus groups can range in size, being as large as a group of 1,000 people.  Normally, […]